Sugar Pot



our story


We are a local family, (three siblings) born and raised in the area for over 30 years. 

Our vision  was to create a vibrant, homely, family run coffee shop that aids in building a collective culture that supports the communities we serve through quality, ethics and sustainability.

Our overriding passion for this venture was the challenge in creating and promoting a wholesome and positive community culture.

Our mother and father literally opened their doors of our home to all of the kids and families we knew and grew up with.

We are passionate about recreating the same vibration and hope to use this venture as an extension of our family home where people feel welcome, nourished and enjoy being a part of the sugar Pot family.




We believe in using wholesome ingredients that are fresh, free range and organically produced from sustainable sources that are as local as can be. Served with love and a smile. 

Our belief is to be part of a conscious movement of social responsibility and environmental awareness both locally and globally.

In working alongside other independent local businesses together we can help to elevate, nourish and support each other through a collective culture. 

For example simple gestures, the coffee grouts from sugar Pot are donated to bee urban in Kennington park. Who in turn recycle them for compost for their bee keeping epiculture.