Sugar Pot





Sugar pot have been lucky enough to cross paths with a number of craftsmen who share the same values and care deeply about the products they make.. We have forged personal relationships with the people who understand what we do and feel equally passionate about their trade. We aim to source everything (from the bread we use to our own homemade furniture) from a wonderful group of individuals who love what they do and do it exceptionally well.


Cable bakery

Our coffee is ethically sourced organic green beans, locally roasted.


John the baker

Owner of the Kennington bakery.

Supplying us daily with delicious handmade organic sourdough bread, rolls and buns. 



Northiam dairy

Our milk and dairy products are produced by a small farm on the Kent/Sussex Borders, where the cows graze freely and are consciously milked. 

* we use unhomogenised milk *


Sweet Carolina

Our cakes, sweet treats and baked goods are all organic and lovingly handmade in Carolina's independent West dulwich bakery.




Our packaging is environmentally responsible and sustainably made from either recyclable or biodegradable materials.